Choose the ideal outdoor garden planters and flower pots for your container garden

Solar Illuminated ContemporaryPlanterOutdoor planters should complement your exterior decor, but it is also very important to choose flower pots or containers based on the growing conditions, location and size of your container garden. *Be sure to have this information when you visit your garden center so you will have the best chance at success—even if you don’t have a ‘green thumb’! Checkout the latest products for container gardening as innovations in production methods and materials result in garden planters, flower pots and windowboxes that are more resilient to extreme weather, lighter in weight and bulk, and offer a greater variety of decorative styles, textures and colors.

Browse the site to learn:

  • the advantages and disadvantages of different planter materials
  • the right plants for your location and area
  • how to water and fertilize to keep your plants thriving in all weather conditions
  • the latest trends in container garden design

Advantages of Container Gardening:

  • Add color, fragrance and style to balconies, patios, entrance-ways or home landscapes
  • Hide eyesores around your home with garden pots and hanging baskets
  • Outdoor planters can be moved or replanted when displays fade or plants outgrow space
  • Less chance of pest damage to plants
  • You can take your container garden with you if you move
  • Plants not suited to your yard soil conditions can be grown in garden planters

Types of Outdoor Garden Planters

Teak Wood Planters Wood

  • cedar
  • teak
  • redwood
Unique Planters Unique

  • designer
  • modern
  • mailbox
  • split pot
Terracotta Planters Terracotta

  • Impruneta
  • faux terracotta
Ceramic Planters Ceramic

  • stoneware
  • earthenware
  • glazed
  • faux ceramic
Garden Urn Planters Garden Urn

  • stone
  • concrete
  • resin
  • terracotta
Wall Planters Wall or Vertical

  • cast iron
  • wrought iron
  • terracotta
  • living walls
Copper Metal Planters Metal

  • copper
  • zinc
  • wrought iron
  • stainless steel
Self-watering planters Selfwatering

  • hanging
  • terrazzo
Windowboxes Window Boxes

  • wood
  • fiberglass
  • hayrack
  • wrought iron
Resin & Fiberstone Planters Fiberstone/Resin

  • polyurethane
  • fiberstone
  • flower pots
Contemporary Modern Planters Contemporary

  • illuminated
  • designer
Large Commercial planters Commercial

  • large and extra-large
  • durable and secure
Hanging Baskets & Planters Hanging Baskets

  • self-watering
  • cedar
  • hayrack
Tomato Planters Tomato & Vegetable

  • hanging tomato
  • tomato tree
  • tomato success kits