Outdoor Garden Planters

Commercial Planters welcome with colorful garden displays

Commercial planters have dramatically gained in popularity in recent years as a way to create an inviting entranceway and warm welcome to business offices, restaurants and other public locations. For establishments with outdoor areas, beautiful planters overflowing with colorful displays of flowers and foliage create a warm and natural setting in our increasingly ‘concrete’ environment.

Gratia Commercial PlanterAn important requirement for plant displays in public areas is that they be as easy to maintain as possible. Planters which help maintain adequate moisture and nutrient levels in the soil are a must. Self-watering planters are an excellent choice for commercial decor as they minimize the amount of time required to water multiple planters. Resin planters will be economical over time, add a self-watering capacity and may be the ideal planters to enhance your business establishment.

Self-watering hanging planters are ideal planters for commercial use in outdoor restaurants, shop entranceways, courtyards and along storefronts. Large self-watering planters on casters make it easy to bring inside each evening. If your planters are in a location where they might ‘grow feet’ and wander away with the wrong person, you might consider selecting a heavy planter made out of concrete, stone or cast iron. You may also consider a heavier planter if the location is exposed to a great deal of traffic or energetic children and public safety is an issue.





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