All About Planters

Container Gardening Tips & Information

You’ll find great information on container gardening including selecting the right garden planters and flower pots, the best soil mix, plants and gardening techniques to ensure your container garden will thrive. You’ll also find ideas on creative plant selection and color combinations.

Planning Your Container Garden:

Color Combinations for Container Gardening
Plant Colors for Container Gardens
Color Trends: Purple Flowers Create Passionate Planters!
Check here to find your Gardening Region/Zone
More about Container Gardening
Caring for Garden Planters

Types of Planters:

Zinc Planters
Copper Planters
Clay Planters
Lightweight Planters
Outdoor Flower Pots

Container Gardening Tips:

Planting Container Gardens
Types of Container Gardens
Sunlight Requirements for Container Plants
Planter Drainage: The Key to Success
Soil for Container Gardening
Potting Soil Recipes
Container Garden Pests & Diseases
How to Water your Garden Planters
How to Fertilize your Garden Planters
Tips for Planting Window Boxes
Fall Garden Planters
Garden Planters through the Winter
How to Repot Your Plants
How to Plant a Hanging Basket
Planting Windowboxes
Spring Planting Tips

Plants for Container Gardens:

Annuals for Container Gardens
More About Annuals for Containers
Perennials in Planters
Grow Shrubs & Trees in Planters
Grow Herbs in Planters
Grow Vegetables & Fruit in Planters
Planters for Party Decorating
Climbing Vines for Arbors & Trellises
Grow Vegetables & Fruits on a Garden Trellis
Flowers that Take the Heat
Learn About Companion Planting
Fragrant Flowers & Plants

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Grow Bulbs in Planters
Summer Flowering Bulbs
Storing Bulbs over Winter
How to Grow Wildflowers
Build a Potting Stand
Gardening in Small Spaces


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