Outdoor Garden Planters

Solar Illuminated ContemporaryPlanterContemporary Planters for your modern outdoor decor

If your home decor or garden landscape is sleek and modern, you’ll want planters that complement and enhance your contemporary living style. Fortunately, the selection has greatly improved over recent years to include the clean simple styles influenced by architectural trends, to modern interpretations of classic and traditional styles.

New materials and a designer’s eye transform traditional outdoor garden planters into unique decor pieces that will make a bold statement in your outdoor living space—always creating an attractive focal point.

Many international designers and architects have turned their attention to design collections which include outdoor decor and beautiful, practical garden planters. Sleek, clean lines in materials such as resin, polyethylene, fiberglass composites, metals and hardwoods are available, and colors are designed for the ever-changing decor trends.