Outdoor Garden Planters

Garden urn planters create vertical interest in your container garden

When planning your container garden, don’t forget to create a special place for urn planters to add a dramatic or elegant focal point, or to add height or variety to a planter arrangement on your patio, balcony, deck or landscaped area.

Urn PlanterPlanter urns come in a wide variety of materials including terracotta, fiberstone or resin and cast stone. Styles range from ancient Greek handmade clay urns, to the country elegance of Tuscan urns to ornate classical Italian urns.

A pair of statuesque garden urns at your front entrance or on your patio can transform the look of your home instantly. Explore the growing selection of lightweight resin or fiberstone planter urns if you want to place them on a front porch or deck.

Characteristics of Garden Urn Planters


  • planter urns create a focal point for your garden—adding height and classic elegance
  • cast or carved garden urns often feature beautiful sculptural elements and patterns to enhance any garden theme
  • placing a tall garden urn in a grouping of planters provides instant height
  • available in a variety of materials such as classic terracotta, concrete and lightweight resin or fiberglass


  • stone, concrete and terracotta garden urns can be very heavy when fully planted
  • garden urns are sometimes made without adequate drainage holes
  • wind exposure can be a consideration in positioning your garden urn. If your container garden is exposed to high winds, select a heavy material such as stone or terracotta.