Outdoor Garden Planters

Resin or Fiberstone Planters ~ lightweight choice for container gardens

Resin planters, also referred to as fiberstone or polyethylene, are one of the most popular types of in outdoor planters today. Their light weight and vast variety in sizes, colors and styles make resin planters ideal for most container gardens.

Resin outdoor plantersThe most popular resin garden planters simulate the look of natural materials such as clay, terracotta and stone—many virtually impossible to distinguish from the ‘real thing’ until you touch them. Very detailed molds used in producing these lightweight planters create patterns, textures and reliefs that have only been available on more expensive planters.

Outdoor resin and fiberstone planters offer many benefits, especially to gardeners with limited space and experience. Their light weight also makes these planters ideal for balconies or porches where weight must be a consideration. Durability is the major benefit of resin planters—most last for many years without the extra care required for terracotta, wood and metal.

As with all types of planters, it is important to ensure resin planters have adequate drainage holes and air circulation around the roots. It is also important to consider the color of resin pots and exposure to the sun, as dark colors tend to absorb and retain more heat than lighter colors.

Characteristics of Resin & Fiberstone Planters


  • resin planters are lightweight, making even very large sizes feasible for most locations
  • resin planters provide the look of natural materials such as concrete, limestone and terracotta
  • resin planters come in a full range of prices from economical to high-end
  • non-breakable, last many seasons with proper care


  • most resin planters are non-porous so it is important to ensure adequate drainage
  • smaller resin planters must be protected from heavy winds
  • may be more expensive than other materials




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