Outdoor planter ideas for small spaces

Spring is just around the corner, but there’s still time to check out new ideas for garden planters for this season. For those with limited gardening space, here’s some great ideas for you to try.

Growing tomatoes in planters

One of the most popular plants grown in outdoor containers are tomatoes. So popular that special tomato varieties have been developed and planters designed to encourage the proper growing conditions for tomatoes.

Spring into Container Gardening

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to put all your winter planning to work with the start of your new container garden. While it is still a little early to plant in most regions, there’s lots of preparation to be done to ensure you have the garden of your dreams this year!

Create a living wall of green

Living walls is the new ‘catch-phrase’ in container gardening. They can be a small, single ‘wall pocket’ installation, or some systems allow for multiple planters to be grouped together to create a true living wall look.

Container garden challenges

We all have them, those pesky spots where our container gardens just don’t do well: deep shade in the corner of a balcony, an entrance that gets direct sunlight all day…

Winter Foliage Outdoor Planter

Some of the most beautiful planter displays contain plants with a variety of color, texture, size and shape foliage and no flowers. A new book called ‘Fine Foliage’ provides ideas and inspiration to help us create beautiful foliage displays.

Seasons Winter Newsletter

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Seasons Spring Newsletter

Spring is in full bloom… and summer is just around the corner! For many regions, summer has made an early appearance this year, hinting at the likelihood of a hot and dry season ahead. Gardeners are being challenged to find ways to balance the need to conserve...