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Planting window planters & windowboxes

Sometimes you are so busy creating gardens in your landscape, on your porch, next to the driveway or working in the greenhouse that you often forget about that little space that is just outside of your window. You can create a miniature garden that will be the highlight of your morning when you look out the window and see these wonderful plants and flowers to cheer you each day!

Selecting the right windowbox is a little more complicated that selecting other garden planters. Because you will be attaching the windowbox to your house exterior, you will want to make sure it does not clash with the style of your home and you must ensure the location has adequate support for a fully planted, watered planter.

Size Counts with Window Planters

White WindowboxOne of the first things that you must do when creating window boxes is find the perfect size. A windowbox can sit in the center of your window ledge, or run the full width of your window. How large do you want your window boxes to be? Can the intended location support the weight of a planted and watered window box. Depending on the material your windowbox is made of, it can become very heavy when full of water.

The next question you should answer is do you like wood, plastic, or metal? Window boxes are also available in newer fiberglass and resin materials which are lightweight and long-lasting—an excellent choice for dressing up the outside of your home.

Complement Your Home Exterior

Match the window box to the style of your home—contemporary or traditional, and match the color to your window frames, shutters, a door, or a railing on your house. Multiple window boxes can create a beautiful display to brighten any style of home.

It’s Time to Plant

  • Fill your window box with a thin layer of shells, charcoal or styrofoam peanuts so it will drain properly even with the heaviest of rains. Loose stones or clay shards often used in patio planters will be too heavy for window boxes.
  • Fill the box with your favorite soil mixture and wet the soil thoroughly.
  • Add your seeds or plants—remember to do extra checks for dryness through the hot season, as elevated window planters tend to dry out faster than other planters. Fertilize regularly throughout the growing season and dead-head (remove dead flowers) to keep the window boxes looking their best.
  • Experiment with different types of plants including flowers, herbs and even vegetables. There’s nothing nicer than a wonderful waft of herb or floral fragrance when you open your window.
  • Plant for display throughout the season. You can even create a window box which will provide color and texture through the winter with winter foliage or winter-flowering plants for your region.

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