Outdoor Garden Planters

Unique planters ~ add your personal style to your garden decor

Unique planters vary from country wheelbarrows to sophisticated and contemporary, and can be as attractive, kooky or charming as you like. Consider planter basics, choose the right plants for your growing conditions, make sure they are large enough for root growth and have proper drainage holes—and you’re ready to express your personal style with your container garden!

Modern Unique PlantersAvoid the temptation to use containers that don’t meet the basic planter requirements—no matter how attractive they are. Unique planters can add real personality and flair to your garden space. Be creative and adventurous and you’ll be surprised at the attractive effects you can produce. Some vendors are even providing customizing services to add your family initials to your fabricated planters.

A container garden can easily fall into chaos if every planter has a different style—although, having said that, with a good eye for design, you can make it work. If you pick a ‘theme’ and build your unique planter collection around your theme, you can create a very appealing and unique garden. Experimentation is the key!

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