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Window boxes & planters

Window box planters ~ a garden out your window

Fashionable years ago—window planters are making a big come back. What better way to add beauty and color to your home than with seasonal flowers, or a herb garden growing right outside your kitchen window.

The variety of styles available in windowboxes has expanded significantly over the past few years. You can now take advantage of the lightweight materials such as fiberglass and resin in many styles—often with a contemporary look for newer homes.

Windsor windowboxYou will also find a great variety of metals being used for window planters. Recently wrought iron windowboxes have become very popular. A particular style of planter called ‘hayrack’ has become very popular recently as they create a less ‘boxy’ or heavy look. These planters are very attractive with moss liners or used as ‘cache pots’—planters that hold other planters. Also, consider self-watering window planters for those hard to reach locations.

Characteristics of Window Boxes & Planters


  • Liven up the view out your windows with brightly planted flowers, foliage or herbs.
  • Mount a planter outside your kitchen window for instant enjoyment of fresh herbs in your cooking.
  • Gain extra planting space with window planters.


  • Must ensure windowboxes are mounted securely—carefully consider the weight of the planter, soil, plants and water at its heaviest.
  • You’ll need easy access to watering and fertilizing your planters throughout the gardening season.
  • Drainage from windowboxes should be designed to run away from window sill or house wall.


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