I am a big fan of foliage in containers…some of the most beautiful planter displays contain only plants with different color, texture, size and shape foliage. Whether it’s highly contrasting elements or a combination using a monochrome color theme, foliage has much to offer for easy-to-maintain containers in any season. A new book called ‘Fine Foliage: Elegant Plant Combinations for Garden and Container‘ (available March 1, 2013) provides a lot of great ideas and inspiration to help you create your own ‘fine foliage’ planters! Click on the book cover to pre-order your copy now!

Here’s one reviewers comment: “Fine Foliage is a visual treat that will inspire you with dazzling combinations for containers and gardens. This is a great user-friendly design resource…” (D. Prinzing)

Here’s a beautiful example of a winter planter display from Fine Foliage:

Winter Planter