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The explosion in popularity of outdoor garden planters in recent years has been remarkable. This increase in interest in container gardening has resulted in a significant expansion in the selection and availability of planters, pots and window boxes. Nowhere has this growth been more exciting than online.

Calypso GardenMost well-known garden supply and home decor stores offer many styles and sizes of garden planters—many not available in your local stores. This opens great opportunities to own the single planter or planter collection of your dreams—the possibilities are endless! ‘Window shopping’ and ordering online is so easy and convenient. Along with this great selection, comes the time-consuming issue of having to visit all these different sites to find exactly what you’re looking for and knowing that you are making the ideal choice for your garden and conditions.

That’s where the idea for ‘All About Planters.com‘ can help—visit one site that offers a representative selection of the best planters from the most dependable merchants along with great information and tips to help you choose the right planters for your needs!

We hope you will find All-About-Planters.com a useful tool for both fountain and where-to-shop information. We add products and information regularly. Over the years, we have developed relationships with many of the leading online suppliers of planters and container gardening products in order to bring you the latest planter styles and accessories each new gardening season.

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