Outdoor Garden Planters

Deck planters add garden area to a deck, balcony or porch

Surround your balcony, porch or deck with a border of flowers and foliage! Deck railing planters increase your gardening area along the length or in corners of decks or balconies.

Deck Railing PlanterRailing planters are available in a variety of sizes and styles which either sit on top of the railing or rest in brackets mounted on railings. In addition, you can choose styles to plant directly into or to place planted pots inside. Planters for deck railings often come as kits which include mounting hardware or brackets.

Before shopping for your deck planters, be sure to measure the length of open railing space, allowing for any fixtures or gates, and the width of the railing top. Also it is very important to ensure the railing you intend to mount your planters on is very secure and stable. Deck railing planters can get heavy, especially after watering—so make sure your railings will safely support them.

Characteristics of Deck Railing Planters


  • deck railing planters will fit on your deck, balcony, porch railings or on a fence
  • add height to railing for privacy
  • available in wood, resin, fiberglass and metals in a variety of widths and lengths
  • ideal for low and trailing plants
  • some deck planters are intended to hold pots, while others can be planted directly
  • deck planter styles include straight, corner and new stacking shapes


  • must select proper size to fit deck railing width
  • must ensure railings are secure and stable, and will support the weight of watered deck planter
  • will add height to railing, so consider height of both planter and plants if you have a view



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