Outdoor Garden Planters

Ceramic planters add elegant style and vibrant color to your container garden

Ceramic planters are a great way to create a color theme on your patio, balcony or in your garden landscape. Glazed stoneware pots have a variety of finishes from matte, textured surfaces to brilliant glossy color. Keep in mind, choosing ceramic planters to compliment the textures and colors of plants takes careful consideration to create a pleasing, harmonious look.

Ceramic planterOutdoor stoneware pottery planters also require more careful handling and maintenance. Normally, ceramic garden pots will not withstand the cold temperatures of some of our winters and must be brought indoors when the cooler weather arrives.

Ceramic planters also chip more easily than other planters, so must be handled carefully and placed in a stable location—they can serve double-duty as both indoor and outdoor planters and may often be a great way to tie your indoor and outdoor decor together.

Look for contemporary and classic styles in faux or ceramic look-a-like planters that offer the benefits of the look of ceramics without the fragility or weight for your patio or garden setting.

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