Planter Design Idea

Glorious Song Wall Planter or Hanging Basket

A stunning example of an asymmetrical wall planter design featuring the contrasting textures of the trailing Ipomoea with the upright soft spikes of Elijah Blue.

Deep purple of the Petunia and the underside of the Ipomoea leaves create a rich display from late spring through to early fall.

This combination also looks gorgeous in a hanging basket, a wall planter or a tall garden container.

Wall planter design idea

A Supertunia® Royal Magenta
Petunia – Qty: 1
B Blackie
Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine) – Qty: 1
C Elijah Blue
Festuca (Elijah Blue Fescue) – Qty: 1

Exposure: Sun
Pot Size: 14 inches
Pot Style Shown: Wall Sconce

This design can be adapted for:
Hanging Basket
Window Box
Upright Container

Color Scheme: Earth Tones

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