Outdoor Garden Planters

Vegetable planters make the most of small spaces

Love to grow your own vegetables but don’t have a large yard. Well, you can make the most of a small space and grow a wonderful supply of vegetables, tomatoes or herbs on your patio, deck or even a small balcony. New designs in vegetable planters take advantage of vertical space and materials that support excellent growing conditions for the plants.

Using pre-mixed soils created specifically for container gardens eliminate soil-borne diseases. While vegetables grown in planters are susceptible to the same insects and diseases common to any vegetable garden, containers can be easier identify and manage any problems. Inspect your planters daily and follow recommended watering techniques.

Almost any vegetable that will grow in a typical backyard garden will also do well when grown in planters. Vegetables that are ideally suited for growing in planters include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, green onions, beans, lettuce, squash, radishes and parsley. Of course, most herbs are the perfect plants for container gardens, often providing beautiful fragrance as well.

Also, see Tomato Planters.


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