Outdoor Garden Planters

Wall planters add green or flowery vertical interest

The many styles and materials available in outdoor wall planters means you’ll be sure to find an attractive style to suit your home or garden decor. Wall-mounted planters are ideal for filling space on blank exterior walls of homes, sheds or garages or long stretches of fences.

Wall PlantersStyle options range from metal frames that hold individual planters or moss liners, to terracotta or ceramic styles, to lightweight resins or fiberglass ideal for larger sizes. Consider the surface you have to mount the planter on, and the type of sun and wind exposure of the location. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations to make sure the planter is suitable for outdoor use.

When you don’t have a horizontal structure for a hanging planter or basket, consider adding a planter to an outdoor wall as an alternative. The same plants that do well in hanging baskets will suit wall planters.

For sun and heat-loving plants, a south or west-facing area is ideal for planters attached to walls. Be creative, with the location of your planters—any stable, vertical surface can be enhanced with a single container or grouping. Try your entrance gate, along an bare stretch of fence or on the side of your garage or garden shed. And, be sure to check out the many ‘living wall’ systems coming onto the market, designed especially for residential settings.

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