Outdoor Garden Planters

Tomato Planters ~ solutions for small spaces

One of the most rewarding plants to grow in outdoor planters or containers is tomatoes. We all love a tasty, fresh ripe tomato and now there are many ways you can grow a bumper crop of your own—even if you do your gardening iin limited space such as on a deck, balcony or patio.

Tomato PlantersTomatoes Grow Topsy-turvy!

The combination of compact plants and planters designed specifically for the needs of tomatoes, like the ‘topsy-turvy planter’ or the ‘upside-down tomato planter’, raise your chances of a successful harvest. Tomato planters may be self-watering or a combination of styles that allow the tomatoes plants to grow vertically—either hanging (the topsy-turvy style), or supported by a ‘tree’ structure’. Adding a sturdy trellis or tomato cage to a large planter to support tomato vines works well too.

Not Just for Tomatoes

Don’t limit yourself to tomatoes—these vegetable planters are also ideal for green peppers, cucumbers and herbs! Look for the tomato or vegetable-growing kits that include everything you’ll need for success—planter, special container soil and plant fertilizer.

Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Planters:

  • Choose a variety that doesn’t require training or a great deal of staking for support. Heirloom Tomatoes are a great choice.
  • Ensure the potting soil is very fertile and loose to allow maximum root development.
  • Use a fertilizer specially formulated for tomato plants and follow feeding directions carefully.
  • Water tomato containers in early morning and never let the planter/soil dry out.


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