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Lightweight planters are ideal for balconies

Lightweight planters offer many benefits for container gardening on balconies, patios and decks. When weight is a consideration and you enjoy the look of larger planters or planter groupings, the planters made from one of the newer lightweight resin, fiberglass and fiberstone materials are the answer.

In addition to the weight factor for placement, lightweight planters are also ideal when you like to re-position your planters throughout the season to create a variety of groupings. With moveable planters it’s also easier to change your container garden arrangement as plants mature and add height.

Lightweight planters are available in all the standard styles and shapes including hanging, low bowls, urns, windowboxes and free standing. You will find a complete range of sizes are available in prices from economy to high-end. Look for the best deals in large, lightweight planters made of good quality offered early in the growing season.

Look for lightweight planters made from the following materials ~

fiberglass lightweight plantersResin or Fiberglass Lightweight Planters

New methods of production, along with newer materials have greatly improved the variety of lightweight planters available in resin. Highly detailed molds used in production of these planters create patterns, textures and reliefs that simulate natural materials very closely.

The most popular resin planters with the look of clay, terracotta or stone are almost impossible to distinguish from the ‘real thing’ until you touch them. These lightweight planters are ideal for large plants or container displays with multiple plants.

Recently, color choices in resin planters have been expanded to include the contemporary earthy colors popular in home decor trends and lightweight resin planters with the look of metals such as zinc and bronze, or the glazed surface of ceramic pots.

Fiberstone fiberstone lightweight plantersLightweight Planters

Fiberstone is made from a combination of limestone and fiberglass which creates a material that looks like stone, but weighs a fraction of the natural material. This material is very durable and will withstand extremes in temperature throughout the year.

Lightweight planters in fiberstone are the ideal choice when you like the look of ancient stone pots and urns. As outdoor living decor styles expand, fiberstone planters have become the popular choice to contribute a classy, sophisticated look to patios and decks. Combined with a garden trellis and flowering vine, these planters are ideal for creating a screen for privacy in any area of your yard.

plastic lightweight plantersLightweight Plastic Planters

If you’re looking for economy in lightweight planters, your best choice will be plastic. Although the line is pretty blurry between resin and plastic materials, you will find lightweight planters in plastic tend to be simpler in style, less durable than fiberglass and with fewer options available in colors and textures. These planters look best when flowers and foliage mature to cover the pot. Less valuable as decorative pieces—plastic planters do offer the benefits of economy and lighter weight.

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