Choose the right flower pots for your container garden

Terracotta flower potClay pots are available in unglazed styles—often referred to as earthenware or terracotta, as well as glazed styles, which might also be called ceramic or stoneware pots. A little confusing, but they are all made of clay. Unglazed terracotta flower pots can usually withstand a wide range of temperatures, whereas most ceramic flower pots must be stored inside during the cold months to prevent damage from fluctuating cold temperatures and freezing. Terracotta flower pots are most often favored when an earthy or classical style is preferred. The natural color of low-fired clay compliments the green of foliage and all flower colors.

Ceramic flower potsGlazed ceramic flower pots can be used to add an additional touch of color to your balcony or patio. Choose a grouping of colored planters to create a specific ‘look,’ to your container garden, to coordinate with flower colors, or to compliment the color scheme of your home.

Resin outdoor planters Resin and fiberglass flower pots have many advantages in a container garden, particluarly on a balcony or deck where weight is an important consideration. Resin or fiberglass flower pots come in a wide variety of styles and the new production techniques allow for very detailed patterns and textures to simulate natural materials such as clay or concrete. Many styles of fiberstone and resin flower pots are impossible to tell from the real thing until you touch them!

Copper metal flower potsMetal flower pots are available in a wide range of materials including copper, wrought iron, zinc, and for a very contemporary look—stainless steel. Metal planters offer a unique advantage as they often take on very attractive patinas as they age. A flower pot than changes its looks through the years can be a very interesting addition to your garden. Weight can be a consideration with some metals, so choose your metal planter with its location in mind.

Hanging planters Hanging flower pots are everywhere, bursting into color as spring turns to summer in most regions. The popularity of hanging baskets has grown tremendously in recent years. What better way to add height to your container garden, fill an empty wall space or dress up the view from a window in your home. Hanging flower pots require a little extra care in watering and fertilizing to maintain a colorful show throughout the summer, but the results are well worth the effort. Hanging planters are made in all materials available for planters. Carefully consider the fully planted and watered weight of your hanging planter when selecting a location.

Self watering planters Self watering flower pots are gaining in popularity as gardeners discover the benefits of worry-free watering for container gardens. Most self watering flower pots contain a reservoir to hold water and some kind of wicking system to deliver the water to the soil as required. These flower pots and planters do not eliminate the need to water altogether, but they do reduce the frequency—a real bonus if you take a short vacation!