Surreal™ Woodland Birch Round Planters


It’s a timeless tradition to grow plants in hollowed-out logs, bringing rustic, natural beauty to gardens, patios and decks. Compared to real logs these planters are so much easier to plant, tend and maintain — and they’re better for plants, too! Made from tough, high-density, weatherproof polyurethane, the thick-walled planters help insulate roots from scorching heat and frigid nights. And unlike wooden planters, these retain moisture so roots stay healthier and you water less often. Multiple sizes $27.95 – $44.95

  • Curling bark and textured streaks make these high-performance planters so lifelike, even when viewed up close
  • Unlike real birch logs, they’re lightweight, won’t rot, and provide optimum conditions for roots
  • The authentic birch bark texture is made from molds of real logs

Woodland Planters styles