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Types of Container Gardens

types of container gardensAs our homes shrink in size and the days of every home having a lawn and garden landscape area diminish, container gardeners become more creative in finding ways to replace home landscapes on small patios, decks and balconies. Plant suppliers are working hard to develop all types of plants that are better suited to the growing conditions of outdoor garden planters and windowboxes. It is now possible to grow virtually every type of plant in a well-designed and maintained collection of garden planters. Be adventurous, explore your local garden nursery and learn how you can re-create the gardens of days-gone-by on a smaller scale.

Containers can be used to grow flowers, plants, vegetables, herbs, fruit, shrubs and trees around your home. Container gardens include flowering , herb and edible plants in a collection of outdoor planters. You can also mix and match any of these types of container gardens to create your own unique small-space environment.

Flowers are ideal for outdoor garden planters

Flowering container gardens are the traditional type we associate with container gardens. Any collection of flowering plants in planters, hanging baskets or windowboxes would fit this category. The creative possibilities are endless, and each year plant and seed suppliers expand their selections for avid gardeners to experiment with. Container gardens created using color schemes or plant themes, such as succulents or foliage-only, have become very popular. Fragrant flowers in planters and windowboxes are wonderful to produce a favorite scent on the patio or deck for parties or relaxation.

Herbs grow well in outdoor planters

Herb container gardens are used to grow your favorite herbs for use in your cooking, baking and fresh salads. Herb gardens are kept close to the house so you can quickly go out and take a little clip while you are in the middle of cooking. There are many herbs that are very attractive, and when they are kept close to the house they supply a wonderful fragrance as well. Pick herbs that will fit your pot fully or you can use multiple herbs in one pot to make a full arrangement. Many garden centers offer pre-planted herb containers that make it very simple for you to get started in herb gardening.

From outdoor planters to the table

Edible container gardens are a combination of all the vegetables and fruits that you can grow in a container on your deck, patio or balcony. Sometimes when you are starting fruit trees you want to keep them in containers so you can bring them into the greenhouse over the winter. In addition, you may want to keep your vegetable container garden close to the house to keep them handy to pick and use for dinners and lunches. Vegetables can also make an attractive arrangement for your outdoor dining table.

Get creative, and you will find you can have a container garden that is both practical and attractive!

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