Outdoor Garden Planters

Zinc Planters ~ metal planters add a contemporary look

Zinc planters have had a long tradition in European gardens and have become very popular recently in North America. The contemporary styling in outdoor decor has fueled the popularity of metal planters, particularly zinc and copper.

Zinc planters have a simple elegance and often look best in groupings or clusters ~ a single metal planter, unless it is quite large, just doesn’t seem to have enough ‘presence’. The simple shapes of most zinc metal planters lend themselves well to a modern or sleek landscape design. The typically dark mottled gray patina of zinc is a distinctly beautiful backdrop for green foliage.
Zinc planters

Zinc Planters are Lightweight and Resistant to Rust

Planters made of zinc are typically lightweight and resistant to rust, but will likely begin to rust as they age if left constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. The mottling or varigations of the metal can be quite attractive over time, but rust must be attended to so it doesn’t eat away the planter.

Zinc-coated galvanized steel is an alternative to pure zinc pots with a number of benefits. They are available in a range of weights from lightweight to heavier weights which are excellent when stability is a requirement. These planters have the rigidity and strength of steel with the weather-protection from the zinc-coating.

Larger planters should be made with zinc-coated steel rather than the softer solid zinc. If you are looking for metal planters that will last a ‘lifetime’—zinc-coated steel is an excellent choice.

Many zinc or zinc-coated steel planters usually come with drainage holes and plugs, so they can be used both outdoors and in. A drill with a carbide bit is required to drill holes in a steel planter, but drainage holes can easily be punched into the bottoms of zinc planters.